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August 11, 2023

Immune Microenvironment Profiling of Normal Appearing Colorectal Mucosa Biopsied Over Repeat Patient Visits Reproducibly Separates Lynch Syndrome Patients Based on Their History of Colon Cancer

R. M. Brand, B. Dudley, E. Karloski, As Zyhowski, R. Raphael, D. Pitlor, E. J. Metter, R. Pai, K. Lee, R. E. Brand, S. Uttam

Frontiers in Oncology Volume 13 - 2023

A prospective pilot study demonstrating the potenital of immune profiling of normal appearing colonic mucosa to discriminate Lynch Syndrome (LS) patients with a prior history of colorectal cancer (CRC) from those without it, as well as patients with a history of sporadic CRC from Healthy Controls. Importantly, it suggests existence of immune signatures specific to LS-status and CRC history. We anticipate that our findings have the potential to assess CRC risk in individuals with LS and help in preemptively mitigating it by optimizing surveillance and identifying candidate prevention targets.